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Enjoy Soft Water

We don’t typically think about it but when you fill up your bath or you open the faucet for a refreshing shower, your only concern is whether the water is warm enough. But do you ever ask yourself whether it is soft enough? What do you mean? Water is just water, isn’t it? Your hair and your skin think otherwise.washing hand

Is hard water the only problem?

No. But it may well be the most common problem in homes worldwide. Drinking water originates from rainfall; even spring water started out as rain. The hardness depends on the journey this rain water makes. During this journey, the ground water takes on impurities. Two of those ‘ impurities ‘ are the minerals calcium and magnesium – these make the water hard.

But there may also be other ‘ impurities ‘ present. Iron and manganese give stubborn discoloration on your plumbing fixtures. Sediment – small dirt particles of all kinds – cause an ‘ abrasive ‘ operation inside your pipes and cause blockages in faucets and valves. Chlorine that is added in the water treatment plants in order to protect the water from contamination throughout its long journey through the pipeline network, gives the water an unpleasant smell and taste. Also, chemical substances, such as remnants of pesticides may be present.

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