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“When you wash your hair with soft water for the first time, you immediately feel the difference; Your hair feels soft and silky, easy to comb”

For a real sense of comfort

Hard water leaves behind mineral – calcium and magnesium – deposits. By installing a Slimline water softener cleaning will be easier and faster.

Soft water is ‘gentle’ for your hair and skin. Hard water leaves a lime film on the hair, making hair stiff and dull. With soft water your hair feels silky and smooth to touch and has more shine. Hard water also damages the protective natural oil layer on our skin, making it dry and vulnerable. Shaving will feel better with soft water: you shave faster and without irritation.

There is a reason why every washing machine has a compartment for the ‘fabric softener’. Try drying yourself with a towel washed with hard water, you will feel the difference.

A dishwasher makes perfect use of softened water; your dishwasher will give spot-free dishware and have a longer lifespan when protected by our Slimline water softener.

“Hard water is the root cause of malfunctioning and expensive repairs of water-using household appliances. Soft water extends the lifespan of these appliances and prevents expensive repairs and replacements”

Filtering your tap water is a sustainable choice.

With a Slimline wholehouse filter the chlorine and other contaminants that cause an unpleasant odor or taste will be removed. Your tap water is now crystal clear, odor-free and pleasant tasting.

You will no longer have to buy water bottles. This is good for the wallet and at the same time you reduce your home’s environmental impact. This is how to make full use of the water supply system.

“You don’t have to buy bottled water any longer. That has a big influence on your wallet. Above all, the choice for filtered tap water is an ecological choice”

The economical choice!

Limescale in appliances is very often the root cause of problems. With soft water the lifespan of all your water-using appliances is extended. Repair and replacement costs are prevented.

With soft water, you save up to 50% on all kinds of products: fabric softeners, shampoos, cleaning and polishing detergents…